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How to create a Directory in Linux using command Operating System

Creation of the directory in Linux is very simple and it will take few steps to accomplish this!
I'm using a Kali Linux but don't worry, any version apart from this Kali the command can work.

  • Open your Linux Machine
  • Now Open terminal (This will be used to write a command that will create a directory)

  • On Terminal, type the following command and press enter
  • cd /root/Desktop (This will change the current directory to Desktop)

  • Now type the following command while you are at Desktop and press enter
  • mkdir my_directory (mkdir stand for make directory and my_directory is the name of your directory, you can write any name you want)

  • As you can see on my Desktop (top left corner) the directory has been created.
Please comment and share with your friends. The next post will be on how to create a file within a directory and manage them (Create, Edit, Delete)