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Views (pallete) does not displayed in design nor blueprint in Android Studio

This is a common error for many developers who they updates the version of their Android Studio. This problem restrict a developer to do anything in designing the interface for App. So, here I will show you simple and best way of resolving this problem...!! Follow the following steps and images will also help you to get a clear picture on how to fix it....!!

  • This is what is going to happen for the case mentioned above

  • Image says that, I have put a TextView (Label), EditText and Button but my design show nothing. This is a problem that we are going to fix.
  • Now navigate to top left corner on Android Package
  • Click app
  • Click res
  • Click values ( You will see three files colors.xml, strings.xml and styles.xml)

  • Now, open (double click) styles.xml

  • On the first line, add the Base class (parent="Base.Theme.AppCompat....) as shown in the following image.

  • Now you have fix the problem, if you will open a design view you will see all views (pallete)

  • We have done!!!

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