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How to develop a simple virus which will cause a dead lock to your Computer.

This post is for education purpose only.
We are going to write a simple code that will act as a virus in which, if it will be executed for long of  at lest 3 minutes it will cause your computer to go to the deadlock state. This depend on the size of your Machine.
We are going to use Batch Script (.bat file), don't worry, it is so easy to understand, just follow the following steps and reads carefully and finally you will understand. Now lets start.....!!

  • Open notepad on your computer.
  • Type the following scripts and save it as virus.bat. Mine I saved as Baba Africa.bat

         @echo off
         md %random%
         start notepad.exe
         goto loop

  • The Program finish. Now lets us describe the function of each line.
  • @echo off (Normally, a batch file displays its command as it run so when we type echo off means we turn off that display, so the whole script will be turned off except the echo off statement, and when we use 'at' sign ( @ ) means we apply to the echo off command itself as well)
  • :loop (This line means we set a loop)
  • md %random% (This line has two parts, first is md means make directory (or in simple meaning is create a folder) and other part is %random% this will provide the name of that folder which will be created by md command but it will provide only numbers which is randomly)
  • start notepad.exe (This line means, start a program called notepad.exe, you can start any program if you want)
  • goto loop (This line will tell the program to go back to the line called loop, and automatically your program will restart to execute again. This will be infinity loop and on each its execution, the program will create one folder and open one notepad program, can you imagine the speed of execution within 3 minutes...?)
  • Now, start this program by double click.
  • Finally, your RAM will handle a lot of running programs (folders and notepad files) which will cause your Machine to go to the deadlock and you have to force to switch off your machine so as to stop the program from running...!!
  • We are done!! Remember, this is for educational purpose only....!!
  • Try it in your machine. I advise you to run it in virtual machine firs before go to run to your neighbor.  
Thank you for reading...!!

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Thank you...!!!


  1. thanx dully let's me play with them.

    1. Hahah!! Welcome brother!! It is better to run it on virtual machine..!! And please share it with your friends!!
      For education purpose only!!