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Understand the term Declaration and Initialization in C++

In the previous posts we learnt some concepts related to variable and value, so through this post I'm going to tell you how can we put together these two term and produce other new terms known as Declaration and Initialization.
Don't forget we are still in the basic concepts part, but we have to know those concepts in deep so as to make our journey very smooth. Now lets start..!!

We have a variable that we will use it to store our value but remember this value is going to be stored in a Computer Memory so the variable is like a path (way) that will take that value to a Computer Memory, so before the storing of this value to a Computer Memory, we have to reserve a space in  that Memory that it will be used to store this value, so this concept in general we call it as Declaration or Variable Declaration.

The Other Concept is Initialization. Here is the process where the reserved space of Computer Memory is going to be used for storing the value.
On Variable Declaration we reserve a space in a Computer Memory right? So when we use that  space to store our value, that process is called Initialization.

The application of these concepts we will see soon as possible when we start practical.

We are done...!!

Please comment and share with your friends. Don't miss the following post where we will continue to learn the other basic concepts of C++ and that will also be a good foundation in your journey.

Thank you for reading, be blessed....!!!

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