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Hello, Welcome to Source of Concept. We are so glad you are here!

We are Source of Concept, students who decide to share some ideas which relate on Technology as our carrier. We decide to have this kind of idea because when we suffered to find out a simple and correct solution from the problems related to our topics were the task that everyone among us avoid, this is because there are many websites and blogs that has solution but some of them doesn't explained clearly so as an audience can get a solution with something meaningful in his/her mind (concept). From that point of view we decided to create this blog where an audience can get a basic concept from the solution we provided in our posts.

The Source of Concept deals with the solutions, techniques and tutorials about technology. It enables an audience to learn the concept on Technology by text and picture which shows the reality of a topic discussed! A pictures will help an audience to understand the reality of topic discussed but also helps him/her to understand easier the topic if he/she doesn't understand the text written on posts.

The Source of Concept gives you an audience to share your idea on each post, below there is comment area that you can type anything related to our topic or ask any question that relate with the topic if it doesn't understood. We promise to give feedback as soon as possible.

Again we say thank you for coming here to get some ideas that we have decided to share with you. Feel fee to share this blog with your relatives anywhere. Navigate to Contact page so as you can get our contacts details and share some ideas with you.

Welcome again and we are so happy to have you.

"Our Happiness is to help you in Technology"